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Whats Hot! for 2019

Nano resins and Beulah Fly Rods

In the Spring of 2014 Beulah has released their version of exceptional fly rods utilizing Nano resins. The Beulah Opal( Salt water fly rods) and the Onyx Single and Spey rods will be available in Canada from Mid April. These exceptional fly rods will like the original Beulah Switch and Spey rods revolutionize modern fly fishing and pleasure.

The current world record holder for fly caught Rooster fish in non other than Margaret Shaughnessy,partner(Wife) at Beulah fly rods..on a new Beulah Opal Single handed fly rod..fish was estimated at between 69 and 82 lbs. approx.

Call for details and orders

Mexico,Belize,Costa Rico,Cuba!thats whats hot,combining Beulah Blue Water Opal Fly Rods and Snowbee lines ,now that's COOL!

On our recent trips to Mexico and Cuba my wife and I used Beulah Fly Rods and Snowbee Saltwater fly lines and all I have to say is that the guides couldn't wait to try these set-ups. The Snowbee Floating Saltwater line is "sick!" Reaching the Target was not only efficient but it was extremely accurate and layed out like a super long Spey line. Marvelous!!!!

The added bonus here was that we used custom flies tied here in BC available at Nile Creek Fly Shop...the array of flies was spectacular and clearly tied with understanding of the need and with durability as a Paramount condition.


We have worked tirelessly to create a presence for Vision Fly Fishing products here in Canada and some parts of the US

Points of interest:

1/Some of the best and most comprehensive breathable fishing waders made

2/ Likely the most balanced and understood range of Spey rods on the Planet

3/Innovative and effective Rain wear and undergarments

4/ An exceptional range of fly reels to suit all markets

5/ Creative and attractive outerwear that proves to be trend setting

6/Fly Lines that truly fit the mold,covering all aspects of the fly fishers needs to achieve success.

7/ 10 Ranges of Single Handed fly rods again to meet every possible need and passion

8/ And of course all the accessories to go along with the wonderful passion as we know it


Visions Merisuola Salt Water Fly Reel-

The 2 larger sizes utilize 15.2KG strength Sealed Drag sytem

For the first time in North America Vision has introduced a coloured UV Resin called GULFF...and what a crazy time with these colours

Wow!! whats not to like..Snowbee re-introduces the very good Snowbee Geo S Fly Reels, rated as a Salt Water reel but used on all waters.

and to add to this change... the full range of Diamond 2 and Spectre single,switch and Spey rods.

Snowbee Prestige Fly Tackle has taken a step in the right direction by entering into the long rod nymph market..with several sizes for any nymphing needs ;example the 11' #3 ...displaying a lovely Burgandy blank finish and expensive rod components. To make sure Snowbee rods are utilized to the maximum Snowbee has also designed their own Switch Lines,in both floating and intermediate, that are matched perfectly to these fine fly fishing tools. The Switch lines are front end looped to allow for use with Snowbee Polytips so fishing at various depths or at surface is a breeze. These switch lines are breaking the many myths about line design and effectiveness in All diciplines in Fly Fishing circles. The 200 grain version is ideal when fishing a 4,5 6 or 7 weight fly rod in close and open conditions.

Snowbee 's new Diamond 2 Switch rods..these 10'6 " tough rods are available in only 2 sizes a #7 and #8... these rods should compare well to the toughest rods built with a bit of finess!


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