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We are the sole Distributors in Canada and some parts of the US...

Merisuola Reel

UV Fly Tying Resins in Colour

The XLV Mama Reel

Snowbee Fly Tackle...

Outstanding value and performance from a UK Manufacturer that listens!

On a recent outing on Vancouver Island's Little Qualicum River as seen here the lighting was dim ,needing sunglasses wasn't necessary but I wanted to try the new Snowbee "READERS", sunglasses with enhanced lense windows on the bottom of each panel. WOW...there was no issue with being too dark and seeing into the water was a sheer delight,exposing many things not visable to the naked eye of course. But the beauty was that when tying on a fly these glasses answered the call with exacting ability. Super light weight,well polarized and UV inhibiting with the bonus of"READERS"...these glasses will retail for $99,a must have for any mercant.

 Of all the fly fishing equipment I have been fortunate enough to use I find that Snowbee Fly Fishing Tackle is very well thought out and designed for specific uses. I love their Diamond Series Trout Rods that have wonderful tips excelling for Nymphing and Chironomid fishing here in Canada. This Range of 4 pc rods is available in various lengths from a 7'#4 thru a 10' #3,#4,#6,#7or #8,execeptional versatility at affordable prices. Did I mention that if you find 10' rods not to your liking then Snowbee also provides a 9'6" range and a 9' range equally as versatile.

On the other side of the coin is Snowbee's Prestige Range of Single Handed Fly rods that in 2011 will include a 9'#2 Trouter,for you small stream fishers your wait is over!

These 4pc fly rods are very light in hand and have a crisp yet very friendly feel. The tip actions allow for large fish takes without breaking lighter tippet materials. Prestige Fly Rods lead the way in technology and performance. Well detailed and very pleasing to the eye. The 2011 Prestige Range will include several new rods in various weights and lengths. These rods are for the very serious fly fisher that wants to excell at fly fishing and be able to fish all day without any needless strain on their being.

Now to add delight to the already exciting Snowbee Prestige range Snowbee has added a series of 4 magnificant True Modern Switch Rods ,from a #5 thru #8 ,all 10'8" for strategic reasons,adding efficiency to this already fantastic fly rod is Snowbee's New Switch lines,utilizing a Bright Flouroescent Orange Running line coupled as a full line to a strong White forward head section in weights from 200 thru 450,adding to the revolution.

Match any of your Snowbee rods and reels to Snowbee Fly LInes and you are on top of the world of fly fishing! Snowbee fly lines are considered some of the best fly lines on the planet,and I agree.

Below you will see well known fishing writer and fly fisher D.C. Reid holding a nice Silver Chinook Salmon fresh from the ocean landed during a heavy rain storm. Note he is wearing a Snowbee XS PRo Wading Jacket,Snowbee Zip Front Waders and using a Snowbee 9'6" #7 Rod,XSD780 Reel and Snowbee Sink tip fly LIne.

Beulah Fly Rods and Lines

It was interesting today to hear so many fellow fly fishers praise the reliability of their Beulah fly rods. My response was somewhat expected"The most reliable I have ever fished!"

For those of us that have the good fortune to own Beulah Fly Rods we understand all the hype,affordable state of the ART equipment...SIMPLE!


When Beulah introduced their trend setting Classic Switch rods in 2005 little did they realize the impact about to sweep the fly fishing world,especially here in the Pacific North West and then throughout the entire continent. Now with the introduction of their new Platinum Range in all categories we are enlightened with a special thing!

Nice to watch as Evolution again makes huge changes within our passion"fly Fishing".

This year Beulah has taken a bold plunge again by introducing their new Nano fly rods the Opal and Onyx..what a treat to watch these things change so much again!